Shi Jei Clothing

Yá’át’ééh Nizhóní girls!

I’m Courtney Nez-Gambler

I am the owner of Shi Jei the Navajo women t-shirt company that showcases the beauty and fierceness of the Navajo language and women.

Shi Jei is 100% Diné owned.

Shi Jei offers a wide variety of products such as women t-shirts, tank tops, leggings, and many other accessories.

Shi Jei is inspired by the many strong dine women who we believe should be able to represent their heritage through everyday clothing and accessories.

Shi Jei seeks to showcase the Dine language along with the strong, matriarchal society that Navajo women are.

Shi Jei comes from a long line of strong Navajo women and wanted to celebrate them.

Navajo women are truly the heart of the Navajo people.

 I am truly grateful for your support for my small business.

Happy Shopping 

Shi Jei